Halloween is just around the corner – have you decided on a costume yet? If you haven’t, no worries! We are here to help give you inspiration for kid, adult, couple, group, and pet costumes! Each year, we host our annual Halloween Weekends during which we have costume contests and award prizes to the best of the best, (so you could say we’re pretty much experts in the subject). Keep reading to kickstart the brainstorming for your costume this year!

1. Witches

A Halloween classic! Will you wear a traditional black hat with spider earrings, or add a twist with a colorful wig and other fun touches?! You’ll be the talk of the park if you go the extra mile by wearing a light-up costume, complete with a witches’ broom!

2. Group Costumes

Will your crew dress as magical fairies, spooky zombies, or something funny, like shark week? This can be an easy DIY costume for both kids and adults alike – the options are virtually limitless! Round up the gang and get ready to win big with your creative group costume!

3. Skeletons

Another Halloween classic — you can amp this idea up by using face paint or make up! You might even be spooky enough to win a prize or two! Plus, you can be a skeleton by yourself or gather up a group for even more bone-tastic fun!

4. Characters

Dress up as a cartoon or movie character, festive favorites, a superhero, princess, and more. Be funny or spooky, there’s so many options to choose from! You and your best friend could even be Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo™, too!

5. Pets

Pets in costumes is one of our favorite parts of Halloween! Be sure to bring your pooch when you visit us this Halloween and come prepared with a costume! Keep scrolling for another one of our favorite pup costumes!


Halloween will be here before you know it! In fact, at Jellystone Park™, it’s already here! We hope that these ideas were enough to get you inspired and excited about your Halloween costume this year. If you’re joining us for one of our Halloween Weekends this year, don’t forget to enter our costume contests and take lots of pictures! Psst! Use our hashtag #jellystonemd or tag us @jellystonemd when posting your photos on social media!